Jase: your lightning fast open source HTML editor

Jase is an open source multi purpose editor running on all flavors of windows (Okay. There might be some issues left with vista, but the program should run smoothly even there).
Jase was designed in the tradition of puristic text-based HTML editors - no wysiwyg, no nonsense.
Nevertheless this webeditor will give you efficient assists in writing your HTML code, especially by taking over boring tasks like generating tables and lists, calculating relative links and much more. Jase also includes (more or less) support for other formats and languages like PHP, CSS, XML or SQL. There are different integrated preview options, HTML and CSS documentations, tidy and much more. Take a look at the features list.
Last not least: Jase comes with a clear and friendly user interface:

The vista release: Jase 0.93

Okay - I never expected making jase run on vista could be such a pain. But at last everything should work fine, feel invited to contact me if there are minor bugs left. And of course there is more than vista compatibility in 0.93:

And now to something completely different....

Cool: Jase has got a little brother: Core. If you do not need that much webeditor features but just can't stand notepad a minute longer, core might ease your pain. Out of the box the editor comes with english and german translations - at the time it's hosted on my "private" homepage donnerbauer.de. You may take a direct look here.

Open source

If you are glad with the editor you have in use, the main and probably only reason for checking out jase might be, that it is free stuff in every sense of the word.
That means: You may download and use the binaries for any purpose without any charge. Even more important: you are completely free to get the source of jase as well and you are free to change it according to your personal needs and desires as well. Jase is shipped under general public license (GPL) which empowers you to do nearly anything with it's code you might want to do. If you like to know more about the ideas behind open source, I highly recommend the essays from Eric S. Raymond website, especially "The cathedral and the bazaar".

Last updated: 01/04/2008
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